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Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour Consultations

Behavioural problems are recognised as one of the main reasons for the break-down of dog-owner relationship and unfortunately, sometimes the main cause for relinquishment into rescue. If you are experiencing a specific behavioural problem from your dog, you may choose to consider a behaviour consultation.

Alice offers one-to-one practical behaviour consultations at reasonable rates to help you to understand your dog. Alice will help you to establish why the behaviour is happening and to look at the underlying motivations for the behavioural problem. Alice is here to devise a comprehensive treatment plan and modification programme to help you to solve the problem.

It is not uncommon for dog owners to have already sought help from a number of different sources and with the sheer amount of controversial advice, it can be confusing to know where to turn. When seeking professional help, it is important to consider the academic background and the practical experience of the personal in question.

Alice is not only a member of the Pet Professional Guild of Force Free Trainers (PPG) but is registered with the ABTC (Animal Behaviour Training Council) as Animal Training Instructor and Practitioner Member. The ABTC is a regulatory body that represents appropriately qualified animal trainers and behaviourists who apply an ethical approach to the way they work with animals. ABTC practitioner members work in conjunction with scientifically based advances in our knowledge of dog behaviour. Alice and the ABTC are primarily concerned with protecting the psychological welfare of animals undergoing training and behaviour activities.

Alice offers behaviour consultations on veterinary referral not least because of the strong link between some medical conditions and behavioural symptoms that require far more in-depth investigations. Alice believes veterinary referral it is essential in all cases as it emphasises the importance of working with veterinary opinion.

On receipt of the referral letter from your vet, Alice will ask you to complete an extensive questionnaire to find out more about the problem in question and some background information about your dog.

The one-to-one visit itself will last a minimum of two hours and will involve a mixture of practical training and discussion as well as developing a management plan. On completion of the consultation, you will receive a full written behaviour modification report which will also be forwarded to your vet.

Email or phone support related to the behaviour problem are also offered for a period of three months after the consultation. Get in touch with Alice toand arrange a consultation (or for a no obligation discussion).