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Puppy Help

'Choosing the right puppy for you!'

Whether you decided to visit your local rescue centre or contact a breeder it is important that you chose the right puppy for your lifestyle.

Choosing the right puppy to suit your individual needs can be hard - how do you choose!?

We know our dog breeds inside and out and can help you for find your ‘Perfect Puppy’ by looking at what different breeds and cross breeds have to offer in terms of energy levels, commitment,

Our 'Choosing the right puppy for you' consultation lasts 90 minutes.

'Puppy arrival preparation' session

The Puppy Arrival Preparation Consultation is a 1-2-1 session that takes place at your home prior to your puppy's arrival. Practical advice is given starting from the journey home, a chat about all the necessary things you may need to do to prepare for the new addition to your family, how to settle the puppy on its first night and info on all the equipment you need (and don’t need!) This session lasts approximately 90 minutes and includes detailed handouts.

Our ‘Puppy Arrival Preparation’ consultation lasts 90 minutes.

Please contact Alice for further information.

'Puppies in the household' session

This consultation is a 1-2-1 session for families with younger children. We'll be looking at how to make sure your children and their new puppy live happily together.

We look at things like;

  • How to reduce the risk of nipping and play biting
  • Teaching children how to play safely with their new puppy.
  • Helping children to understand their puppies body language

Our ‘Puppies and the Household’ consultation lasts 90 minutes.

Please contact Alice for further information.

'Puppy walks and socialisation' session

Puppies need to have lots of positive experiences with all the associations of the outside world, and it is important for your puppy to feel safe, confident and happy when out and about. In this consultation, we take you and your puppy through all of the experiences in a positive way so we will habituate to traffic, cyclists, joggers, unfamiliar noises, greeting other puppies/dogs and people etc. We will also make a start on getting your puppy to walk nicely on the lead learning not to pull.

If you haven’t already taken your puppy off the lead on a walk, we can help you to gain the confidence to do this.

These two one hour sessions are a great way to make sure your puppy’s first trip out into the big wide world goes as smoothly as possible, helping to prevent your pup being scared of the things it will encounter for the first time.

Our ‘Puppy walks and socialisation’ consultations lasts 2 hours.

Please contact Alice for further information.

Pre-Puppy School session

  • Are you having to wait a few weeks before you start on your enrolled Puppy School course and want to start some exercises straightaway?
  • Does your puppy need to build some confidence prior to coming to classes?
  • Do you already have a training issue that can't wait?
  • Do you have questions and need assistance with house-training, play-biting, chewing or other such puppy behaviour

We offer a pre-class consultation where we come to your home to work with you and your puppy. These can be carried out as soon as the puppy is brought home.

The content of the session is tailored around the needs of the owner and puppy in question.

Our Pre-Puppy School consultation lasts for 90 minutes.

Please contact Alice for further information.