Positive Dog TrainingPositive Dog Training


'Fun Agility Workshops'

Our agility courses are non-competitive and held in a our secure outdoor location. Our sessions are a chance for you and your dog to get out there and have some fun whilst your dog uses up some mental stimulation and exerts some physical exercise. (Please note, dogs under 12 months of age will not be permitted to 'jump' as their bones and muscles are still developing, but there will be lots of other fun things for them to do!) A great way to continue to build the bond between you and your dog. Please contact Alice for more information.

Please contact Alice for further information.

'Loose Lead Walking Workshops'

Does your dog pull on the lead making walking a chore? Look no further, this loose-lead walking workshop will teach you how to keep your dog walking nicely by your side using kind, positive training techniques.

Please contact Alice for further information.

'Re-call Workshops'

This re-call workshop is hosted in our secure outdoor location and focuses on a range of activities to help build a more reliable re-call with your dog.To include focus and motivation exercises

Please contact Alice for further information.