Developing Juniors

‘Developing Juniors’ is our group adolescent and adult dog training course for Puppy School graduates or for those dogs/puppies who have completed an equivalent level of training.

This course is hosted by Becky Stickland, BSc Applied Animal Behaviour, fellow Puppy School Tutor and ABTC Registered Animal Training Instructor.

Developing Juniors is designed to give you help with the strains of adolescence but we will take suitable dogs of any age. However, if you’ve not trained with us before, we need to make sure that this is an appropriate class for your dog so before enrolling, we would need to get in touch with you to ask a few questions.

What to expect from Developing Juniors?

  • Verbal “Markers”
  • Touch Targeting
  • Fine tuning recall (more distractions, focus exercises)
  • Fine tuning loose lead walking (distractions and advanced tips and advice to succeed.)
  • Weekly Tricks!
  • Distracted ‘Stays’
  • ‘Leave it’ cues
  • Go to matt / settle
  • In depth distance cues

Each class lasts an hour each week and lasts for six consecutive sessions. Becky has lots lined up to
teach including work on loose lead walking, recall around distractions and tricks to keep those adolescent brains active!

This course comes with weekly training notes and a lovely rosette and certificate upon completion.

Click here to contact Alice for start dates, course prices and further information.

Developing Juniors Class Locations

Developing Juniors Stroud

Thursday evenings.
Maypole Hall,
Stratford Road,

Developing Juniors Brimscombe

Wednesday evenings.
Brimscombe and Thrupp Social Centre,
London Road,

For prices for our Puppy University courses, please email [email protected]

Just a note for female dog owners:

Should a female dog come into season, it’s best if they do not attend the training class until the season has finished. This is for the fairness of your female dog as well as the boys in our classes too. Hormones play havoc for both and we don’t like to train when the dog’s happiness / comfortableness is compromised. We can appreciate this may be one missed week or maybe two missed weeks and it will never be clear when the season will start or end.

Please always feel free to attend the classes without your female dog should you wish to but please keep in touch with myself or Becky with details as we will always try our best to accommodate missed sessions so you don’t miss out on the class syllabus due to seasons starting.