Puppy Walks

If you are currently enrolled onto one of our Puppy School courses, we also offer our ever-popular Puppy Walks at a small additional fee.

Puppy Walks provide a chance for you and your puppy to mix and mingle with people in a safe environment, under the supervision of an experienced Puppy School tutor.

Teaching your puppy to focus on you while in a distracting environment is a lifelong skill that will help to build and strengthen your bond and encourage more reliable recalls.

This single 50-minute sessions – takes place in an enclosed, private field with a maximum of six puppies. Puppies will start with an on-lead group walk to give everyone a chance to sniff and explore the environment. Then, you and your puppy can explore together through breakaway activity sessions covering activities such as exploring, sniffing or relaxing, mixed with group walking and
carefully managed off-lead time (if appropriate).

Please note, in some cases, the mix of puppies may make it impossible to conduct puppy play sessions safely. Off lead social play sessions will only be offered if they can be run without causing harm to the social development of the puppies attending the sessions. We take special care when socialising our puppies as not all ‘play’ encounters can be pleasant for dogs. We are proud to support owners to understand and read their puppy’s’ body language appropriately so that owners can learn what is safe and appropriate social interaction and what is not. All puppies attending these sessions will be Puppy School class attendees and will be vaccinated. We do not accept puppies older than 26 weeks of age to join these sessions as we like to keep the physical and mental stages of the puppy’s development to a similar age range to better aid their socialisation.

Puppy Walk Locations

Liberty Orchard

Liberty Orchard Secure Dog Field,
Nr Stonehouse,
GL10 3DS

Reg & Teds Enclosed Dog Field

Reg and Teds Enclosed Dog Field,
Sundayshill Lane,
GL12 8DQ

Please email [email protected] for more information about our puppy walks.